Rolling Functional Unit Manufacturer in China

Nanjing Technical Equipment Manufacture Company is a Chinese rolling functional unit manufacturer, providing a wide variety of linear guide, precision ball screw, linear motion spline, and linear motion bushing products to customers. In addition, our company offers other products, like our CNC worktable and water jet cutting machine. We can also manufacture products according to customers' drawings.

  • Roller Linear Guide
  • Roller Linear Guide The roller linear guide has high rigidity rollers and its load bearing pattern is changed from the traditional point contact to line contact. The roller linear guide can withstand a large torque due to its inner V type groove design. In addition, the structure of slide block is optimized by finite element analysis. All of this contributes to the high load carrying capacity of our roller linear guide.
  • Ball Linear Motion Guide
  • Ball Linear Motion Guide There are two types of ball linear motion guide, interchangeable and non interchangeable. The dimensions, load capacities and other parameters of both types are identical, but the interchangeable ball linear motion guide is more user friendly and widely used in general transmission application, as the block and rail can be freely interchanged. When you move the block from the rail, it can be assembled to any other rails.
  • Radial Linear Guideway
  • Radial Linear Guideway The radial linear guideway withstands force perpendicularly in the radial direction, so its radial load carrying capacity is greatly increased. Improvement on the fitness of raceway and roller helps improve the load carrying capacity and rigidity of each raceway. The radial linear guideway offers a reduced overall height and the optimizing structure with finite element analysis enables the mutual force points ...
  • FF Ball Screw
  • FF Ball Screw The FF ball screw is a single flange nut ball screw which provides quiet, smooth running and efficient performance. With small nut installation dimensions, it is great for use in situations requiring small, medium leads, and low, medium speeds. Designed to accommodate applications in various fields, the ball screw is widely used in industrial equipment, precision instruments, precision CNC machine tools, and more.
  • Ball Screw
  • FFZD Ball Screw The FFZD ball screw is a ball screw equipped with preloaded double flange nut. It is available in nominal diameters from 12 to 40mm with leads down to 1mm. With small nut installation dimensions, the ball screw is suitable for use in situations requiring small, medium leads, and low, medium speeds. The FFZD ball screw provides high positioning accuracy for equipment, precision instruments ...
  • Convex Linear Motion Spline
  • GJZ Convex Linear Motion Spline The GJZ convex linear motion spline is designed with cylinder spline nut. Its spline shaft has three crests equidistantly spaced at 120 degrees. On both side of each crest, two rolls of balls are arranged to hold the crest from both sides. There are six rolls of balls in total.
  • Convex Linear Motion Spline
  • GJF Convex Linear Motion Spline What is more, the GJF convex linear motion spline has a long lifetime and high hardness, as its spline bearing is made of HRC58 quenched alloy steel, and its spline nut is made of HRC58 quenched alloy steel or carburized and quenched alloy structural steel.

Established in 1952, Nanjing Technical Equipment Manufacture Company has accumulated decades of experience in manufacturing rolling functional units such as linear guide, precision ball screw, linear motion spline, and linear motion bushing. Our vast experience in the field, our focus on upgrading our technologies, and our high performance equipment combine to enable us to produce quality built, high precision rolling functional units that are comparable with their international counterparts. In addition, we also supply our quality CNC worktable, water jet cutting machine, and we can accommodate clients' customization requests.

We continuously work to improve our rolling functional units and develop new products using the most up-to-date technologies. For example, our large sized ball screw with a length over 10 m, GZB125 large linear motion guide, and 150mm diameter linear motion spline are just some of the products developed by our company. A number of our products have received national patents and earned the Science and Technology Award of Chinese Mechanical Industry and National Key New Product certificates. Additionally, we can realize mass production of large high precision rolling functional units.

Our company possesses a complete line of advanced equipment, which ensures high precision production and short delivery time. Our ball screw production line uses imported 8m and 10m CNC spiral milling machine, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m CNC precision thread grinder, 10m lathe, 10m CNC lead screw end milling machine, 10m lead screw straightener, 10m cylindrical grinder, 10m CNC medium frequency quenching machine, 4m and 10m double frequency laser lead screw measuring machine, and more. Our linear motion guide production line is composed of a 4m and 6m CNC guideway grinder, 6m CNC surface grinder, high precision German made CNC slide grinder, German made 6m CNC medium frequency quenching machine, linear motion guide measuring machine, and more. The use of CNC facilities enables us to deliver 10m lead screw and 15m lead screw extended by joint within 30 days, and we can deliver 6m linear motion guides in nominal diameters from 35 to 125mm within 10 days.

Our company has received many certificates and awards. Our continued efforts to standardize our company's management have won us ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certificates. Additionally, we have been awarded the National Customer Satisfied Enterprise, Famous Brand in Jiangsu Province, Quality Award in Jiangsu Province, Engineering Research Center of Rolling Functional Units in the Mechanical Industry, High and New Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and more.