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  • Roller Linear Guide The roller linear guide has high rigidity rollers and its load bearing pattern is changed from the traditional point contact to line contact. The roller linear guide can withstand a large torque due to its inner V type groove design. In addition, the structure of slide block is optimized by finite element analysis. All of this contributes to the high load carrying capacity of our roller linear guide.
  • Ball Linear Motion Guide There are two types of ball linear motion guide, interchangeable and non interchangeable. The dimensions, load capacities and other parameters of both types are identical, but the interchangeable ball linear motion guide is more user friendly and widely used in general transmission application, as the block and rail can be freely interchanged. When you move the block from the rail, it can be assembled to any other rails.
  • Miniature Linear Guide The GGC miniature linear guide uses a 2-row ball circulation design. It offers a Gothic profile designed with a 45º contact angle to achieve equal load in four directions. Through its optimized design, we can use larger balls in the limited space to improve the load carrying capacity of the miniature linear guide.
    The miniature linear guide is made of bearing steel and has high accuracy, high speed, and high rigidity.
  • Radial Linear Guideway The radial linear guideway withstands force perpendicularly in the radial direction, so its radial load carrying capacity is greatly increased. Improvement on the fitness of raceway and roller helps improve the load carrying capacity and rigidity of each raceway. The radial linear guideway offers a reduced overall height and the optimizing structure with finite element analysis enables the mutual force points ...
  • Roller Guide Block Our roller guide block is a precision linear motion element, providing high load carrying capacity and rigidity. It achieves high sensitivity and highly functional plane linear motion. In the condition of heavy load and varied load, the roller guide block has small elastic deformation and can get stable linear motion without crawl. Our roller guide block is flexible to use, and is not restricted by the length of machine tools.
  • Cross Roller Guide The cross roller guide provides stable yet supple linear motion with lower rolling friction and starting friction. It has a unique roller retainer to achieve a large contact length of the rollers. The large contact area, coupled with small elastic deformation and many effective motion units, enables the cross roller guide to achieve easy motion under high load. Due to this reasonable design, the roller guide is easy to install and use.

Linear Guide

Linear guide is a kind of precision linear guiding parts. Thanks to our over two decades of focus on product development, our company now offers a wide range of linear guide, such as GZB roller linear guide, GGB ball linear motion guide, GGC miniature linear guide, GGD radial linear guideway, and more. As a result of our dedication to constant technology innovation, we have got a patent for our roller guide. The patent no. is ZL200520073585.6. Backed by efficient and precise CNC equipment, we can complete delivery within 10 to 15 days for 6m linear guides in nominal diameters from 35 to 125mm.

Made of quality bearing steel, the linear guides offer many advantages as follows:
1. By placing appropriate balls between rail and block, the friction between the block and the rail changes from sliding friction to rolling friction, which results in reduced motion friction resistance. In fact, the friction resistance is only 1/40 that of V-shape cross roller guide. Thereby:
a. The difference between dynamic and static friction is small, which helps increase response speed and sensibility of CNC system.
b. The driving power is greatly reduced, which is only 1/10 that of the general machinery.
c. The linear guide is suitable for high speed linear motion, whose instantaneous speed is 10 times higher than that of sliding guide.
d. High positioning accuracy and high repetitive positioning accuracy are achieved.
2. The linear guide can achieve no clearance motion, which helps increase the running rigidity of the mechanical system.
3. Error homogenization effect can be attained when using double guideways, which helps lower the processing accuracy requirements of rail fixing surface and save the cost of manufacture.
4. The linear guide raceway plane adopts radius groove of reasonable ratio, which contributes to small contact force and thus the carrying capacity could be increased greatly. The rolling friction is less than that of double arc raceway.
5. Surface hardness treatment ensures good calibration of the linear guide and makes the core part keep good mechanical characters.
6. Because of the error homogenization effect of the linear guideways, when two or more sets of linear guideways are used on the same surface, higher moving accuracy can be achieved even the mounting accuracy is lower. Normally products quality can be improved by 20% to 50%.

Accuracy grades are recommended for kinds of machine tools and machinery equipment:
Machine tool and machinery type Coordinate Accuracy grade
2 3 4 5
NC machine Lathe machine X
Milling machine, machining center X,Y
Coordinate boring machine and grinding machine X,Y
Grinding machine X,Y
Electrical processing machine X,Y
Precision cutting machine X,Z
Graph plotter X,Y
Precision worktable X,Y
General machine X,Y
General mechanism

With high load capability, high accuracy, high speed, low abrasion and long operating life, our linear guides are increasingly used by customers. They are mainly used for machining center, NC lathe, handling equipment, EDM machines, woodworking machinery, laser processing machines, precision testing equipment, packaging machinery, food machinery, medical equipment, tool grinder, surface grinder, etc.

The linear guide is packed in paper based packages for export or in wooden cases marked with IPPC. The safe and firm package can protect the linear guide from humidity, shock and damage, allowing for long distance transport.
YiGong is a professional linear guide manufacturer based in China. We provide a wide range of products, including precision ball screw, linear motion spline, CNC worktable, water jet cutting machine, and much more.

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