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One Axis CNC Worktable

The aluminum alloy one axis CNC worktable uses ball screw as actuator and uses the roller linear guide to guide and support the worktable. With a small friction coefficient, it can achieve minor wear and a long service life. Made of quality aluminum alloy, the one axis CNC worktable is highly precise, efficient and power saving. In addition, it is designed with compact structure and can be applied to a variety of areas.

The one axis CNC worktable is used in such areas as measuring, laser welding, laser cutting, gelatinization, boring, inserting, small sized CNC machine tool, X-ray scanning, engraving and milling, practical teaching and more.

We provide mechatronic CNC worktable. Customers can also select the motor, the drive and the CNC system, so their special needs for speed, load and pulse equivalent can be met.

Dimensions of the One Axis CNC Worktable
Type Travel Distance Length Bottom Base Height Surface Dimension Installation Dimension
S * L2 L1 C H H1 C1 C2 B1 B2 M T K
DZHQ70 70 26 260 124 78 47 124 124 54 86 M6 86 8
DZHQ120 120 26 310 124 78 47 124 124 54 86 M6 86 8
DZHQ170 170 26 360 124 78 47 124 124 54 86 M6 86 8
DZHQ220 220 26 410 124 78 47 124 124 54 86 M6 86 8
DZHQ320 320 26 510 124 78 47 124 124 54 86 M6 86 8

1. The listed types are basic types. We can add the organ type dustproof cover according to the needs of customers, but the actual travel distance will thus be decreased.
2. *L2 length changes with the sizes of the motor journal. The figure here is stated according to the shaft journal length 30mm of MSMA022 AC servo motor.
3. The motor and CNC system can be equipped according to special needs of customers. When the motor is equipped by customers themselves, sizes of the motor flange should not be larger than 60×60mm.

As an experienced one axis CNC worktable manufacturer based in China, our company also offers concave linear motion spline, roller linear guide, heavy duty ball screw, linear motion bushing, and much more.

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