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  • CNC Cast Iron Worktable Our company offers 28 types of standard one axis and X-Y axis cast iron worktables manufactured by our factory. These worktables belong to 6 series: DZH, DZHT, DZHK, SZH, SZHT and SZHK. The X-Y axis cast iron worktable (SZH, SZHT and SZHK) is composed of two one axis worktables (DZH, DZHT or DZHK). The principle of composition is that the travel distance of the work ...
  • CNC Aluminium Alloy Worktable The aluminum alloy one axis CNC worktable uses ball screw as actuator and uses the roller linear guide to guide and support the worktable. With a small friction coefficient, it can achieve minor wear and a long service life. Made of quality aluminum alloy, the one axis CNC worktable is highly precise, efficient and power saving. In addition, it is designed with compact structure and can be applied to a variety of areas.

CNC Worktable

The CNC worktable uses linear motion guide to guide and support the worktable, using the ball screw as the actuator. It is made of quality castings or aluminum alloy and designed with compact structure. The CNC worktable features high precision, high efficiency, and low power consumption. It has a small friction coefficient, resulting in minor wear and long service life.

The CNC worktable can be used in the areas of measuring, laser welding, laser cutting, gelatinization, boring, inserting, small sized CNC machine tool, X-ray scanning, engraving and milling, practical teaching, etc.

Our company provides 49 types of one axis and X-Y axis CNC worktables. They fall into 10 series: DZH, DZHT, DZHK, DZHQ, DZHTQ, SZH, SZHT, SZHK, SZHQ and SZHTQ. The X-Y axis worktables (SZH, SZHT, SZHK, SZHQ, SZHTQ) are composed of two one axis worktables (DZH, DZHT, DZHK, DZHQ, DZHTQ). The component worktables are of the same model and may have the same or different travel distance. The principle of composition is that the worktable above should not have a travel distance longer than the worktable below.

We provide mechatronic worktables. Customers can also select the motor, the drive and the CNC system, according to their individual needs for speed, loading and pulse equivalent. If the customer selects the motor, the motor power should be appropriate. Generally, the motor should be selected according to the specificities of the ball screw journal. Though the standard worktable series has no dustproof device or stop block, if required, we can make a nonstandard design upon negotiation with the customer.

The CNC worktable is packed in paper based packages for export or in wooden cases marked with IPPC. Due to its moisture proof and sturdy package, it is suitable for long distance transport.

YiGong is a specialized CNC worktable manufacturer based in China. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including linear motion bushing, linear motion spline, precision ball screw, linear guide, and much more.

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